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gym%20pic%20459px.jpg Welcome to Tiverton Weightlifting Club, Devons premier free weights club.
We specialise in lifting weights using machines minimally, its all about you and the barbell. We have affiliations with I.A.W.A  (International All Round Weightlifting Association), G.B.P.F (Great Britain Powerlifting Federation) and B.D.F.P.A (British Drug Free Powerlifting Association). We regularly hold competitions with some of our members winning British and World titles as well as holding British and World records. We currently have 4 qualified I.A.W.A referee's and operate a strict drug free policy. All equipment is of good quality and surpasses the standards laid out by all of the organisations we're affiliated to. Training can be done in a safe manner and (since we are a club and not a commercial style gym) in the best of atmospheres whether male or female, young or old, Race or Creed, you will be made to feel welcome.

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Training nights are on Mondays ,Wednesdays and Fridays 5:45 - 8:00 at Sunningmead Community Centre, Tiverton we typically have the squat racks out on Mondays and Fridays and deadlift is normally carried out on the Wednesday, but this optional if you dont want to do these lifts you dont have to you can even swap them round if you would prefer. Bench press is out on all sessions as well as all other equipment. We use kilogramme bars for olympic and powerlifting but do have standard ones, if needed. We also have specialist bars like the 2" bar, trap bar and EZ bars for the olympic weight plates, or the standard 1" ones, so there is plenty to choose from to compliment any training style. jevan%20squat.jpg


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